Premium Hops for the Bold

Cedar Falls, IA

Founded September 25, 2014


When I first fell in love with with the idea of growing hops, I bought 7 rhizomes right away and planted them in the garden that I already had.  That year, my salsa garden (with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cilantro) included a row of hops.  I built a trellis out of two levels of scaffolding, a 6X4 wood beam sitting on top (Cody Hamann, Chris Leonard and I risked our lives getting it up there), and 7 ropes hanging down from that beam, supporting 7 baby hop plants.  That summer, Keith Sindt (my dad) and I made our first Oast (a mechanism for drying hops), which we used for our first small harvest from the 7 plants I had.

Next year my garden looked a little different.  I had registered and officially founded “City Harvest Variety Hops, LLC,” and expanded my number of hop plants significantly.  Now I had 44 hop plants climbing 44 ropes, hanging down from three wood beams at the top of the same scaffolding.  City Harvest Hop Co is located at the corner of Second St and Francis St in Cedar Falls.  Between our “headquarters” and the locations of our contract growers in Janesville and Shell Rock (Andrew Saucke and family), we grow fifteen varieties of hops.  City Harvest is focused on supplying home brewers in and around the Cedar Valley with a consistent supply of quality hops and hop rhizomes.  While doing this, I hope to learn more about the plant and about the industry as a whole.  Thanks for reading about the start of City Harvest Hop Co!

Wes Sindt

Founder, City Harvest Hop Co