Would it be too much to say, “The stars have aligned?”  I think not.  When I contacted Buck Ridge Brewery owner Andrew Saucke in the Fall, I was looking to establish some sort of business relationship with him.  The relationship that evolved is not the one I initially had in mind!  As a Montage employee, I had long admired Andrews skill in the art of brewing.  After many a shift, I’d sit down at the bar with an Oatmeal Stout (or two).  One of the first brewery owners I reached out to after I started City Harvest, I saw Andrew as a potential future buyer for my hops.  Instead, we’ll be growing hops together as a team!

Andrew has been growing hops for a few years now and had been using them in his beer at Buck Ridge Brewery.  Sadly, Andrew is discontinuing his brewery to pursue other interests.  However, he didn’t want the cultivation of his hops to go to waste.  In fact, he wants to grow more, and has a true passion for growing them, making him just as much of an aspiring hop farmer as I am!  Together, we will be bringing the Cedar Valley a larger variety of hops, a lot sooner, and in greater quantities.  Aside from City Harvest’s projected output for 2015 jumping 800%, we will now be providing FIFTEEN (15) varieties, rather than twelve.

I’m looking forward to working with Andrew.  He seems about as easy-going as they come, and enthusiastic as well.  Cheers to making friends!