Our harvest for the first year wasn’t quite what I had hoped for volume-wise.  After drying the hops, we came up with a little over 350 ounces.  I was expecting somewhere around 1,000 ounces, but all is well.  The labels look amazing, and the product is strong.  Tom Blaser, my retailer, took an additional 8 ounces in order to test them for Alpha and Beta potency in two  batches of beer.  He used 4 ounces of Glacier hops in a porter and 4 ounces of Boulder Wild in a wheat beer, adding the hops at several points throughout the brewing process in order to test both bitterness and aroma of each.  We will be serving free samples of both beers at our opening event on October 10 at Kitchen Wines and Brew Shop.

Attached below are the labels for the varieties I harvested this year.  Above them is a number that represents how many will be available for sale.  I look forward to finally getting these bad boys on the shelves!