Fall 2017

Harvest went relatively well, but aspects of it went not so well.  Japanese beetles ravaged the hops again and rendered at least a handful of them FUBAR (no translation available).  That’s all the bad news though.  We made friends with another local hop farmer in town named Scott. He was kind enough to let us harvest his hops for him and to keep most of them to package and sell.  A big thanks to Scott!  We got CTZ, Cascade, and Crystal from him, and I hope I can arrange something with him again this coming season.  Harvest took place at Kitchen Wines and Brew Shop, and plenty of people showed up to help.  It was a good time.

Spring 2018

This Spring the brew shop in Cedar Falls closed.  That’s a bummer, and it fundamentally affected my game plan with City Harvest Hops.  It forced me to iron out the last kinks with the eCommerce portion of my website, and I can say I’m very relieved that it’s finally operational and running smoothly (needs better product pictures, but I’ll get to it).  I have in mind a shift to larger-scale production in the near future, for more reasons than just “the brew shop closed.”  I’m looking into acquiring land.  The rhizomes I don’t sell this year will go in the ground with purpose.  Hopefully I can work my way up to large scale production in part by reproducing the plants I already have.  In the meantime, the hopyard at Second Street is getting a new trellis (again).  I bought four telephone poles from Mike and Keri Byrum (Cedar Falls Hops Company) and will be erecting a stronger and taller trellis, in similar fashion to the one that’s there (made of PVC).  That’s all for now.  Cheers!