Friends of City Harvest

From people to businesses, this is a list of our Friends.
CRAZE Brewers

The Cedar River Association of Zymurgy Enthusiastis is an organization of home brewers in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Waverly.  They meet once a month and pass around samples of their latest brews while they converse about their techniques.  Conversations range from brewing different kinds of beer, to brewing competitions and events, to entrepreneurial intentions.  These folks have been a remarkable resource.

Kitchen Wines & Brew Shop

Kitchen Wines & Brew Shop is a great establishment to visit for those in need of brewing or wine making supplies.  It is run by Tom and John Blaser, a father and son who are both avid and experienced home brewers and champions of the craft beer movement in Iowa.  Find Kitchen Wines and Brew Supply near the corner of Waterloo Rd and 18th st. in Cedar Falls.

Lark Brewing

Looking for an adventurous brew?  Look no further.  Lark Brewing is a brewery in Waterloo who’s owners have a vision of a Cedar Valley with more breweries.  Not only is it their goal to construct killer beers, it’s their mission to be instrumental in helping other hopeful brewery owners learn the craft and find their footing in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.  On top of that, they strive to be environmentally friendly, and to source quality ingredients.  Cheers to that!

The UNI Student Business Incubator

The UNI Student Business Incubator aims to keep entrepreneurs in Iowa and offers itself as a resource to students at UNI who are interested in starting or have started a business.  Meeting Laurie Watje, the Manager of the R.J. McElroy Student Business Incubator, was a big turn for City Harvest. Not only did she introduce us to Web Trep, the guys that designed our logo, she had a lot of research done on our behalf. If you are a student thinking about starting a business, do yourself a huge favor, and get in contact with the people in this department.

Monday Creations

Monday Creations is a group of talented UNI students affiliated with the UNI Business Incubator that specialize in marketing and web design.  Check them out!

Gorst Valley Hops

Gorst Valley Hops is a well established hop farm in Wisconsin.  In the spring of 2014, Wes took Gorst Valley’s “Hops 101″ class, and took a lot of notes!  They are skilled and knowledgeable in what they do.  Since that day-long class, we have corresponded with them on several occasions and they have been incredibly helpful.

Three7One (Salil Kalghatgi)

Salil, aside from being jovial and charismatic, is very bright.  I thought of him when I decided I needed help building a website.  He did a lot of the initial setup and spent time teaching me how to make it what I want it to be.  Check out his portfolio here.  Thanks Salil!