2017 Magnum (1 oz)




Magnum Hops

A Cross between a Galena and German male, Magnum was originally developed and bred in Germany in 1980.  Provides a clean and crisp finish for both ales and lagers.  Hop cones are unique in shape compared to other varieties.

City Harvest Hop Co currently produces only leaf hops.  Leaf hops refer to hops that have been picked and dried, but have not been milled down and compacted into pellets.  Many brewers prefer leaf hops to pellet hops during certain stages of brewing, citing less cleanup.  However, they do take up more room in a fridge or freezer.  Regardless of whether you prefer leaf or pellet hops, you can rest assured the City Harvest Hops are more fresh than hops from the big producers.  City Harvest Hops have traveled less than 10 miles before reaching their destination, and are always less than one year old unless otherwise stated.

Primary Use: Bittering

Alpha Acid: 10-14%

Beta Acid: 4.5-7%


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